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Drug Positive

Welcome to Drug Positive with DanceSafe founder Emanuel Sferios. We are the risk reduction and benefit enhancement podcast removing shame and stigma to save lives and end the drug war.

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Sep 22, 2018

Do psychedelics have any generalizable effects on the political consciousness of people who use them? Studies show that people who use psychedelics generally score higher in the personality trait of openness, which is correlated with greater tolerance and liberal cultural values. But is there a causal effect happening?

And is the US Army secretly testing MDMA on active duty soldiers in order to create more effective killers?

We spend an hour with David Nickles, underground researcher and moderator for The DMT-Nexus community. Not to be confused with former Purdue University professor and psychedelic chemist, David Nichols, Nickles has been ruffling a lot of feathers lately with questions and criticisms of what he views as the willingness of the psychedelic community to partner with the most destructive forces in society.

A small cross section of Tatiana's coffe stain pointalism.

A small section of one of Tatiana's coffee stain pointillisms.


Edited by Emanuel Sferios
Music track by Frankum, creative commons.